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How to stay productive with Gmail

Table of Contents

How to use Gmail at it's best

Isn't this a blog about technilogical innovation, memes, programming and all that cool stuff that makes me look cool and resonate with all the other cool kids of the block?

It is a blog post about tech, it definitely has memes and it is about something cool, but, no, you still aren't a cool kid if all you care about is denying cool tricks about free online services. Now, read.

Gmail tricks are important

Good, now that the meme part has done it's job and you feel compelled to know everything about Gmail, I will be very short and just let you in on two.

Your dots don't matter to Gmail

As you can promptly read from the title of this paragraph, yes, Gmail doesn't care about your dots, which means that you can write your e-mail as weird as you fancy and it will still work.

An example for the non believers:

  1. 404answer.notfound.public@gmail.com
  2. 404answernotfoundpublic@gmail.com
  3. 404...answer.notfound...public@gmail.com (nop, this is a joke)

Now, if you send an email to any of those emails (but not the last one, as it's a joke), you will be automatically responded with hate and discourtesy. (Also a joke)

And why is that? (The dots thing, not the rudeness thing, that is answered by the fact that you tried to see if I was wrong)

That's because Big G doesn't care about your dots and your emails (or better actually, they care a lot about it since they made this very cool way of dealing with it) so that you can have the best experience with Gmail.

Cool '+' (plus) trick with Gmail to filter your emails

But what if you wanted to be really great at work and scatter your emails around by filtering them through aliasing?

That is definitely possible and you will want to do that!

  1. 404answernotfound.public+readers@gmail.com
  2. 404answernotfound.public+meeting@gmail.com

Those emails will be delivered to the same email address but they will be filtered by Gmail (after you tell it to) so that you can setup things like:

  1. Read upon arrival
  2. Automatic filtering
  3. Archieve upon arrival
  4. Immediate elimination
  5. Destruction

Ain't that cool?

gmail at work

The goodbye

I hope you found this article useful and to your liking and if you have any requests, drop a message on one of my social media accounts or open an issue/start a discussion on github, on this repository!

As always you can find me on Twitter, listen to my Podcast on Spotify and add me on LinkedIn to talk professionally (yeah, right)